Our Story

Our story began with a search for a great dessert place in Detroit, and the consensus was clear that it was missing. This is when we came up with the idea of -320° Coffee & Creamery – a perfect place which serves you with a hot steaming cup of coffee to the creamiest nitrogen ice cream.

What We Offer


The secret to -320° rich and creamy ice cream is the instant freezing of the organic and all-natural ingredients with liquid nitrogen, which is -320°F. That’s cold. Really cold. Traditional ice cream recipes use a slower freezing method, allowing for the growth of larger ice crystals – which produces a somewhat grainy texture. The instant freezing caused by the liquid nitrogen delivers the smoothest, creamiest ice cream.


Pair that with -320° coffee – sourced from a Direct Trade collective, which delivers beans from small farmers around the world. From pour-over to french press, -320° treats each grind with the respect it deserves in an attempt to deliver a cup of coffee that highlights the unique flavors of each variety. They also offer a variety of tea bags, hot chocolate, and other desserts.


Detroit Shipping Company is a restaurant collective and beer garden featuring five unique food truck style eateries. With a sustainable architectural design and modern look, it also comprises of a small stage and galleries for local artists and retailers. A perfect place to enjoy great food, music and unlimited fun and which gifts you with a completely different experience every time you visit it.

Science in a scoop

At -320° Coffee & Creamery, ice-cream isn’t just a dessert, it’s a science experiment. Don’t believe it? Our ice cream shop at times resembles a high school chemistry lab that’s because we use nitrogen to freeze your ice cream. It is the key ingredient that makes our ice-cream fresh and creamy. -320°’s nitrogen ice-cream is dense which takes a longer time to melt and can hold up well even in high heat. That’s not all every scoop of ice-cream is frozen on the spot. At -320° you just have to order your favorite flavors and Presto – your delicious Nitrogen ice-cream is ready in less than a minute.

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