Our Story

This is how we got started…

Our story began with a search for a great dessert place in Detroit, and the consensus was clear that it was missing. -320° Coffee & Creamery has it all! From a hot steaming cup of coffee to ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen, from pastries to macarons.

Our team has always been on a never-ending hunt to serve the best coffee to our esteemed customers. We are grateful of our friends at Intelligentsia Coffee for roasting all of our coffee beans. The buying team travels the globe and is collectively in the field virtually every day of the year, working with our existing farmers, fostering our valued relationships, sourcing new growers who have devoted their lives to sustain cultivation of exceptional coffees that we offer.

Nisharth Patel, Our Founder who is a coffee aficionado and an ice cream junkie, says, “Detroit has been my backyard for last 14 years, I have seen it gone up and down and back up again! We are the first ones to have paved roads, first to create the 4-way stop sign, the one who had successively put cars on roads; so why not be the first to place a good tasting cafe where you can grab your first cup of coffee for the day to the last dessert for your night.”