Our Process


The strong base

We prepare our ice cream base in house with fresh milk and secret ingredients. The base gives our ice cream the unique taste that no one can compare to. We believe in using nothing but the freshest ingredients, hence our base is made fresh every day in the morning on site.

Fresh Preparation

Locally sourced natural ingredients

Refresh your taste buds

Mix the ingredients

We serve different flavors ranging from the all time favorite Nutella to the creamy caramel. And that’s not all, we also use farm fresh veggies and fruits picked not more than 72 hours before it is served.

Toss it all

We are masters in the mixing technique. The smooth and creamy flavors are mixed, tossed  and blended so well by our perfect ice cream blenders that you will savour every bit of it.

Frozen in seconds

We flash freeze our organic and natural ingredients with liquid nitrogen at -320° while you can enjoy the beautiful billowing clouds of vapour that emanate from the bowl in a spectacular fashion!

More creamy

More Fresh

More Flavors