Avocado Pistachio

Fresh Avocados are blended with crushed pistachios for creamy and extra nutty texture! It has good fasts from avocado and pistachios and is full flavored with nuts.

Butter Pecan

Smooth, rich textured ice cream made with our house ice cream base with a spoon full of real butter and roasted pecans. 

Double stuffed chocolate oreo

Supremely delicious, double the amount of cocoa then normal, crushed real Oreo Cookes mixed with our house ice cream base. Topped with Oreo cookie crumbs.

Hazelnut Cocoa Crisps

A full scoop of Nutella, mixed with our house base, cocoa powder and rice crisps. People say it tastes like Hazelnut Cocoa Crisps, We will let you be the judge of that.

Fresh Basil Strawberry

Just what the name says. Fresh strawberry’s are mixed in our ice cream base with a hint of basil. Topped with more fresh strawberries and basil. Undoubtably this is one of our most popular flavors on the menu.

Fresh mint chocolate chip

 Fresh mint leaves are finely chopped and and mixed in our ice cream base with dark chocolate chips to get that fresh flavor for ice cream.

Verde Tea

Our organic unsweetened Japanese Matcha powder mixed with our ice cream base and topped with brown sugar to give you that hint of sweetness in the ice cream. Its like green tea made in ice cream.